Ice Breaker Game – Never Ever

This ice breaker game is a fun party type of game. It can be used with small groups or large. The larger the group the longer it will take.

Materials: None


  1. Have all players form a circle and put ten fingers up.
  2. Pick someone at random and have them say something they haven’t ever done, such as “I haven’t ever been surfing.” Or “I haven’t ever been to New York.” Anyone who has ever done that specific thing puts one finger down.
  3. Continue around the circle with the next person sharing something they haven’t ever done.
  4. Two people will win. The first winner is the one remaining with at least one finger up and the second is the person to put all of their fingers down first.

Outcome: This ice breaker game will reveal things about people others didn’t know and should create some laughter as well. Great for teamwork :)

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